mandag den 28. februar 2011

Free Calendar, March 2011 - The Printable version

Yes - one more thing for you all. Calendar March 2011 - The Printable version
Once again - I have made a English version and a Danish one.
And remember the desktop calender posted this weekend.

Computer Desktop Calendar - March 2011

 Have a great Monday where ever you are - and print the March calendar to keep track of spring.




søndag den 27. februar 2011

Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendar - March 2011

Free March Calender Wallpaper Download 2011

Gratis baggrundsbillede til computeren - Marts 2011

Here is a little something I made for you all. I finished this months calender
This is a wallpaper for your computer desktop.
Hope you like it and hopefully a lot of you will try it out.
Tomorrow I will post a printable and less colored calender
I have made a English version and a Danish one.  


Danish :

lørdag den 26. februar 2011

fredag den 25. februar 2011

Carl's Flying House (UP Movie)

I found this great paper model  and I just want to share it with you all. I'm a big fan of The Pixar movies and UP is one of my favorites. I found Carl's printable flying house, and I started cutting and gluing. The colors are great and I give all the credit to  - Just search for Carl's Flying House.
The only problem is - that there is no tutorial - but I think its possible. So good luck if you try the same - I did print it as A3 (I personally think A4 is to small for this).
I will post a few pictures of the proses tomorrow.
Have a great Friday - beautiful and creative people - Thank you for following my little Blog and for writing all the great comments - Love it.

torsdag den 24. februar 2011

More Snow and Great Cupcakes

A big thank you to - she is my great inspiration and the reason I made the wonderful cupcakes today. My cakes are not as pretty - but they sure taste greeeat!

 More snow - as you can see -- But it is pretty, I admit it. I just hope that all the small spring flowers can handle it. But on a cold day like this - it helps with a great cupcake idea from a fellow Blogger. So grab a warm cup of tea - make a lot of cupcakes and think about the crazy weather in Denmark :)

Chocolate  cupcakes : Danish recipe Danish recipe - from 
White chocolate frosting : Danish recipe'

Pssst : danish giveway at

onsdag den 23. februar 2011

My new Alien Spiderman

OOh yes - I made one more BULLY - this one you all know - Alien Spiderman! dam dam dam! He is ready to take over the city and help me to be more creative. Have a great day beautiful people in BLOG world.

Here is a link to my first Bully and the story

tirsdag den 22. februar 2011

Cross Stick - And Creativity Training

Cross stick - a little orange dino
ood morning great people. Finally I got the picture and posted him - the little dino I made - I think I will do it more simple next time - and with out filling in all the color - but it sure is nice to finish something.
Creativity Training -  That is something we all can do. It's simple - just like finding everyday things to post on your Blog. It's the same with Creativity Training. I find it easier to focus on a few things during a day - it could be drawing, Color and texture or what I can do with leftover boxes and fabric. Use everything around you to get ideas - write it down in a little colorful note book and look at it again when you get the time. 
Happy Creativity Training to all of you.
Here Is a few links about Training the Creativity :
Creativity Training
enhance creativity in 10 minutes pr. day

mandag den 21. februar 2011

Wooden Numbers & The First Spring Flowers

 This is the first spring flowers I found in my hometown - they made there way here, even thou the ground is stone cold and hard. They sun was here all day and made it all easier :)

I love these wooden letters . I got them from my day - He used them many ears ago at his company. Times have really changes and it's only pure luck that he saved them - thank you Dad.

søndag den 20. februar 2011

Birthday in the family

One more great birthday weekend with the family - flowers, great food and a lot of cakes and sweets. Once again - Happy Birthday Dad.

fredag den 18. februar 2011

A Sad Batman and more Snow...

This is a new Bully I painted - a sad Batman Bully - Maybe he is sad because of all the bad guys, he has to stop all day. I'm also a little sad today - a lot of stuff is going on today and on top of that it started snowing again.. I usually like it - but spring was on its way, and I miss the sun.
But tomorrow can only be better - Hope that all of you will have a great great Friday.   

Here is a link to my first Bully and the story

torsdag den 17. februar 2011

Found the birds in the Second Hand Shop

I found some great things in the local second hand shop the other day - But when I was about to post it, I noticed all the birds..  
What i wonder is what is with the birds?
A bird on all the items - maybe it's because Sping is on the way here in Denmark - and a few birds have started singing in the morning when i'm on my bike in the morning. Or maybe I just like birds :)
Have a great day :*

onsdag den 16. februar 2011

New Design on Creative Tail

Welcome - my great creative friends.
I made a new design for my Blog. My blog place needed a change and it's refreshing and new to redesign the look of it.
This is a picture of the old one - I kind a like it - but I never really finished it - just started using it :)
I hope you like the new one on top of the page - let me know what you think.
Have a great day - and become a Follower if you like my Blog - that will make me very happy - Thank you :*
Old Design:

tirsdag den 15. februar 2011

Old Knitting Magazine - season 1968-69

I found this old knitting magazine in a great secondhand shop in my home time. 106 pages with pictures - and 30 pages with the patterns. I took a few of my favorites. Btw - the magazine is called Everything for the Ladies. Just love stuff like this - something to bring you back in time - when I saw it in the window I just hat to get it.

mandag den 14. februar 2011

Happy Valentines Day - Print Out

Happy Valentines Day creative people!
I made a little something to print out. You can print it and use it as a card, with kind words on the back side - or make a little sign out of it - like I did. I wish you all a wonderful day. Be together with the ones you love - it's not about buying a lot of stuff - It's about sweet words, homemade dinner or cake and creative cards with sweet words.

Free Valentine Card - just for you

søndag den 13. februar 2011

Sunday cake, spring flowers and My brothers dog

Sunday - I like you a lot. Made tea and brought hope lovely cakes. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. It's great to find wonderful cakes around town - when you don't have the energy to make them yourself. And I found spring flowers - so now my hopes are up!
The sweet and tired dog on the picture is my brothers ;)

lørdag den 12. februar 2011


Great weekend - sun, friends and family. I found this great old " Beloved" book at a flea market.

fredag den 11. februar 2011

Frame your hearts

It's simple and wonderful.This is what I did : You just need a frame - a magazine. Cut out the heart yourself or use a heart stamp if you have one - place all the colorful hearts on a piece of paper and you are don!

torsdag den 10. februar 2011

Fold A Paper Heart -Tutorial

This is a step by step - how to fold a paper heart to you all. Hope you will try it - and make a lot.

onsdag den 9. februar 2011

I brought spring inside - and you should do the same

We had a big storm here in Denmark the other day - It was nice to listen to it, and be safe inside. The next day you could see the damage the storm did. There was a big tree branches outside my apartment. Lucky for me - filled with beautiful branches - and the were all about to bust. I brought a lot of them inside - so we can have spring in the apartment. It's great - because when you don't have a garden and you are not allowed to gut in the trees in the park - a branch like this saves the day :)

And a little sneak peak - from one of my valentine projects.

tirsdag den 8. februar 2011

Me Myself And A Ninja BULLY

Hello hello - Here is one more BULLY I painted - It's a ninja, with a crazy pattern. The person on the picture is Me. Just found it the other day - looking through my creative box.
Here is a link to my first Bully and the story

mandag den 7. februar 2011

The attack of the pencil sharpener - and stuff in my box

After I started painting the BULLY's I just feel like painting on everything! Do you know that feeling? IT's just great to find a new shape to paint on and working with the UNI POSCA pens never gets boring. This time I took my pencil sharpener.
I will post a new BULLY tomorrow - In the meantime, I will clean up one of my creative boxes - and here is a couple of things I found.
Hope you all had a great Monday.

søndag den 6. februar 2011

Another day another Bully

Great weekend. Got flowers from some of my beautiful friends, It makes me think of spring and the long and light-full days - I also had a chance to paint some more. Here my new BULLY creation - who joined the painted family. Hope you all had a great Sunday.

lørdag den 5. februar 2011

Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendar - February 2011

Hello there! I now it's a bit late.. but better late than never right :)
So here is my February gift to you all - a desktop wallpaper I made.
Hope some of you will try it out - have a great weekend

fredag den 4. februar 2011

Great old door lock at work

Finally I remembered to bring the camera to work. One door there has got the greatest old door lock. I'm just in love with it - especially the fox label and the little switch - telling you if it some one is in there or not (the word on the picture 'OPTAGET' means taken ) . I have tried to find out who made it - but it is no were to be found - but enjoy the cool fox lock and have a great weekend creative people.