onsdag den 24. februar 2010

Perfect Measured Star

En flettt stjerne - af målebånd - du finder en fin vejledning HER hvis du ikke allerede ved hvordan den skal flettes.
I had to sacrifice my spare tape measure - while planning my next project

mandag den 22. februar 2010

Monday Muffins

This is some og the muffins I made - two kinds. Some with chokolade powder - big pieces of almond and dark chokolade. And others with different berries and white chokolade.

søndag den 21. februar 2010

Hairband - from Blue to Green

A little something I did in the weekend - just a lot of left over yarn

fredag den 19. februar 2010

Happy Friday - creative people

Remember to have a break and enjoy the weekend :)

torsdag den 18. februar 2010


More jewellery perls. Mario is wonderful - who couldn't use a power up mushroom.

onsdag den 17. februar 2010

Warm tea, snow and hearts

We still have a lot of snow here in Denmark - it's beautiful - but cold.
So, warm tea in old cups are very important

tirsdag den 16. februar 2010

Valentine's day - Better late than never

It's not a day that means a lot to me - but I do love all the hearts! And a nice exuse to make a little stack of crochet hearts and drawings. And a nice excuse to do a little stack of crochet hearts and drawings.

mandag den 15. februar 2010

The Finished Scarf

The scarf was finished friday evening and handed over as a gift the next day (saturday the 13. feb)
I am happy about the result and I think I have to make one for myself :)
I can highly recommend the scarf as a creative project - epsecially because you get a little something finished whenever you make a flower.

mandag den 8. februar 2010

No diamonds only pearls

I have a passion for retro game characters - and pixelart in generell. These lovely characters is from one of the best 80´s arcade games.
Starring the twin Bubble Dragons Bub and Bob. And more will come.

søndag den 7. februar 2010

Scarf update. 24 made - 32 to go

They will be placed in 2 lines in 4 colors.

torsdag den 4. februar 2010

4 colors - 14 flowers pr. color - 56 total.

Yes - now I have the yarn. I have to hand over the skarf in 9 days - so I better get started.

onsdag den 3. februar 2010

The flower scarf challenge

This is just the first test - until I hopefully will have the time to buy the real yarn. It should end up with 4 colors - 14 flowers pr. color... 56 in total. And if it turns out nice - it will be a gift.

wich me luck :)

tirsdag den 2. februar 2010

My lovely retro Radio

This is a radio I found on a flea marked. I just love it - especially the colors and design. But best of all .. it Works! The last picture is a postcard I found with a picture of the exact same radio - with the text: Free rent - for used electrical goods (with an ironic tone)

mandag den 1. februar 2010

Coraline inspired hair clip

Coraline is a super lovely stopmotion film - if you have not watched it yet - Watch it!
I made this hair clip because I got so inspired by the great movie.