lørdag den 25. december 2010

Christmas Day

My mother-in- law' s christmas decoration
Crosstitches on an old tablecloth and a lovely deer from the grandkids room

fredag den 24. december 2010

Merry Christmas!

My mother-in- law' s christmas decoration - made my different kind of members of the family.

mandag den 20. december 2010

Margit's Goulash

I just love to make the Goulash in my Le Creuset heart pot.

Margit's Goulash

4 people

800 g beef pieces or cubes
3-4 Tbsp. edelsüss paprika
3-4 onions
2 Tbsp. butter
Approximately 300 g field mushrooms
5-6 thick slices of salted bacon
2 Tbsp. tomato paste
½ cup red wine
1 / 4 liter cream around. 38%
1 / 4 liter cream around. 13%
6 pcs carrots
Salt and pepper

The meat is cut into strips about the size of a half a finger Powder in the paprika.

3-4 onions, chopped and handled in the butter in a black wrought iron pot or the like.When onions are clear, gather them and put them aside.

Bacon, cut into small strips fried in the pan until golden but not crisp. They picked up and set aside.

Mushrooms are cleaned and cut into 4-6 pieces and fry in a separate pan in some butter. Put them also to side.

In the fat remaining in the pan, brown the meat strips over a brisk fire. If there is not enough fat, do add a little oil.
But beware - paprika easily burns, remember to stir.

When the meat starts to get a little tight in texture, add a the few tablespoons of concentrated tomato paste and brown the meat in it. Add red wine and cook over low heat.
The cream is poured in. Let it boil slightly in which we add the onions, bacon, carrots and the roasted mushrooms.

And then just warm you stew quickly, season with salt and pepper and served piping hot - Side dish: rice or homemade mashed potatoes.

Goulash can also be made without the side dish - but I will add potato pieces into the pan - approx. 6 large potatoes, diced - added at the same time as the carrots.
Enjoy your meal.

torsdag den 16. december 2010

Crochet Hearts

The hearts are simple to make and you only use basic crochet stitches. You can make them in 3 minutes start to finish- when you get the hang of it.